Chicken Liver Sauté with Mushrooms

Chicken Liver Sautée with Mushrooms Fae's Twist & Tango

Chicken livers wouldn’t top most people’s shopping lists, except mine.  When nicely cooked — grilled, sautéed or wrapped in crispy bacon for appetizer — they make satisfying treats.

According to, chicken liver is brimming with nutrients.
For every 100 grams / 3.5 oz of pan fried chicken liver, these are the nutrition facts and health promoting properties.
1.   Guards the body against anemia (Vitamin B12 – 352% DV)
2.   Promotes good eyesight (Vitamin A -288%)
3.   Supports fertility (Folate – 140%)
4.   Good for the body tissues (Riboflavin -136%)
5.   Ensures a healthy thyroid (Selenium – 126%)
6.   Fights stress (Pantothenic Acid – 83%)
7.   Boost immune system health (Iron – 72%)
8.   Wards off pellagra (Niacin – 70%)
9.   Maintains healthy skin, hair and nails (Protein – 52%)
10.Keeps teeth and bones healthy (Phosphorous – 42%)

Chicken Liver Sauté with Mushrooms

  • Servings: 2 ~ 4
  • Time: ½ ~ 1 Hr
  • Difficulty: Easy
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Recipe by: Fae’s Twist & Tango (

Chicken Liver Sautée with Mushrooms Fae's Twist & Tango

•   680 gr / 1½ lb chicken liver,  sinews removed, rinsed
•   1 small bay-leaf
•   vegetable oil
•   160 gr/ ½ large onion, diced small or parallel sliced
•   225 gr / ½ lb white button mushrooms, sliced
•   5 stems green onions,  cut into 5cm / 2″ length and white part cut lengthwise in half
•   1/8 tsp turmeric (optional)
•   3 Tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice
•   salt  &  ground black pepper, to taste


◊   Optional blanching / parboiling :  In a medium non-stick pot, bring 7 cups of water with bay-leaf to boil.  Put in the livers and as soon as froth/foam/scum form and float to the top (1~2 minutes), quickly skim, drain, rinse with cold water and set aside.  At this point, livers are briefly parboiled. This process removes most scum and odor, which results in the dish looking better.

◊   If  livers have been blanched, rinse the pot, and in it, heat 2 Tbsp oil on medium-heat. Add cut onion and sauté until the edges start caramelizing.

◊   Add cut mushrooms and stir until they wilt.

◊   Add livers (raw or parboiled),  turmeric, salt/pepper to taste, stirring gently, sauté for 2 minutes if parboiled, 4 minutes if raw, or until no redness left and cooked to the center (overcooking will make liver tough).

◊   Add lemon juice and briefly stir. Add cut green-onions, stir for 3~5 seconds and remove from heat and serve. Place halved lemon(s) on the side.

◊   Goes well with rice, potato dishes, steamed vegetables or salads. Makes great sandwiches with Dijon mustard,  neri-karashi  (Japanese mustard paste) or  neri-wasabi  (wasabi paste).

~ Bon Appétit! ~

So, what’s cooking in your kitchen?

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  1. Oh Fae, I’ve been away too long! Love your posts (which I follow via your facebook) and now am catching up on clicking the “likes”! I love chicken livers and we usually have it as a simply garlicky stirfry with ginger. Your recipe opens up new possibilities with the turmeric and lemon and bay leaf.

    I know you are on the cruise at the moment, and wish we could meet for that fleeting layover you have in KL! Take care!

  2. Hi, Fae.
    I just tried your recipe and it’s delicious! I used to make almost the same thing (instead of lemon, served with sour cream), but with chicken breast, instead of liver. Now I prefer your recipe, because liver is healthy, plus it takes less time to cook it. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Raveca

  3. I’ve never tried chicken livers but I’ve been wanting to give it a try for all its health benefits – in fact I was just researching recipe ideas! I’ll have to give this a try. It sounds pretty tasty!

  4. I share your appreciation for chicken livers, Fae. They’re wonderful and I’ll enjoy them prepared just about any way. I must admit, though, that your sauté looks wonderful and I bet it’s delicious. Mushrooms and chicken livers make such a great pair. It’s nice to learn that a favorite food is also healthy. That so rarely happens. 🙂

  5. Sooo glad to see this recipe! Sooo glad somebody appreciates chicken liver!
    ahhh…. I may be wrong, but when I hear somebody’s saying they do not like liver, I am tempted to reply – you just do not know how to cook it right 🙂

  6. I do apologize in advance if I’m not thrilled about liver. I know some people find it delicious but it is not my kind of thing. Sorry! But I do love the mushrooms idea for the topping and your photograph of the dish! 🙂

  7. My mom used to make a chicken liver and onion dish that I would knock-stuff-over-running-to-the-table for. Glad other people are celebrating chicken livers!

  8. My mother used to make chicken liver stir fry for us when we were little and though I haven’t had chicken liver for over 20 years, they bring back such wonderful memories. I can almost taste it 😀 Such a delicious recipe Fae. I will make it one day soon for old times’ sake and for my boys! xx Sharon p.s Ever told you it always feels like home here?!

    • Memories of Moms are so precious, and most related to food! 😀 )))
      I wonder what vegetable or seasoning your Mom used to make them.
      If you do make them differently, please teach me too.
      Here is your home in California, and you delight me with your visits. {{hugs}} Fae,

  9. Yay, another thing we can bond over, me too, I very much enjoy this treat. It’s been awhile but you’ve inspired me and I’m revising my shopping list accordingly.

    • Count me in! I’ve finally acquired sophistication in my palate, and am now appreciative of liver, so much so that I had to fight my husband over the last piece the last time I cooked chicken liver, very similar to the way you cooked them, by the way. My kids, of course, refused to go near them, but I expect them to change their tune, too, when they grow up. 🙂 Angie.

      • When I met my husband, there were so many food items he would not eat or even look at. Then his curiosity blossomed and had bites from my food, The rest is history.
        Yes, your children will grow to love everything you eat. 😀

  10. I had no idea chicken livers were loaded with so many nutrients. I must admit I don’t eat them, stems from bad run in with liver as a child. Maybe I should get over my aversion, this dish looks delicious.