Naw-Rúz, A New Year Recipe Round-up!

Naw-Rúz is a New Year holiday celebrated by people of all nationalities and several religions, living all over the world!

I am delighted and honored to be invited to join a collaboration of food bloggers, who are part of a Naw-Rúz  Recipe Round-up  (Twitter #Norouz). Naw-Rúz,  spelled differently by people of different backgrounds, meaning  ‘New-Day’,
is celebrated on the day of the astronomical northward equinox, which usually occurs on March 21 or the previous/following day, depending on where it is observed. (California: Thursday, 2014/03/20 at 9:57AM PDT)

At the end of this post, please note the list of bloggers who have participated in the Naw-Rúz Recipe Round-up 2014, with a link to their related recipe posts. Following are my articles and recipes I am including in this round-up (click on the thumbnails).

~  Articles  ~



Preparing for Spring – Introduction to Naw-Rúz نوروز‎

Sabzeh • سبزه • Naw-Rúz Sprouts Fae's Twist & Tango

Sabzeh • سبزه • Naw-Rúz Sprouts


Spring Cleaning • Kháne Takání • خانه‌ تکانی

Chaharshanbe Souri

Festival of Fire • Cháhárshanbe-Souri • چهارشنبه ‌سوری‎







~  Recipes  ~


Noodle Rice • Reshteh Polo • رشته پلو Fae's Twist & Tango

Noodle Rice • Reshteh Polo • رشته پلو

Baklava Persian Fae's Twist & Tango

Baklava, Iranian Style • باقلوا ایرانی

Baklava Cake • کیک باقلوا Fae's Twist Tango

Baklava Cake • کیک باقلوا

Rosette Nan Panjereh Fae's Twist & Tango

Rosettes • Window Cookies • Nan Panjereh’i • نان پنجره





You may recognize some of these outstanding bloggers.  They are participants from all backgrounds, who celebrate and/or appreciate this auspicious day. Please take a few moments to check out every one of them. Each linked post is especially put together to celebrate Naw-Rúz with you!

Eid’e  Naw-Rúz  Mobarak!


Afsaneh’s Persian Kitchen   Koloucheh Ahwazi / Ahwazi Cookiees for Nowruz
Ahu Eats                         Norouz 2014 Recipe: Toot – Persian Mulberry Marzipan Candy
Café Leilee                   Northern-Iranian Style Herb Stuffed Fish
Family Spice                Norouz Twist on Kookoo Sabzi (Persian Herb Quiche with Chard and Kale)
Fig & Quince               A Norooz ‘a Palooza
Lucid Food                   Persian Raisin and Saffron Cookies for Norooz
My Persian Kitchen  Naan Gerdooee ~ Persian Walnut Cookie
Simi’s Kitchen            New blog for Nowruz
Spice Spoon Noon Berenj-Thumbprint Rice Flour Cookies w Saffron & Rosewater for Persian Nowruz
The Pomegranate Diaries    Nowruz Inspired Pistachio, Rosewater & Cardamom Shortbread Cookies
Turmeric & Saffron  Loze Nargil – Persian Coconut Sweets with Rosewater & Pistachios for Nowruz
West of Persia            Happy Nowruz, Recipe Roundup, and a Classic: Kuku Sabzi on TV
Zozo Baking                Nane Nokhodchi Nowruz Iran



  1. says

    Oh, wow! So delicious, Fae. I looove the Baklava Iranian style. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I’m definitely going to make this. :) Thank you as well for liking my post, “Silky Smooth Cream Cheese and Yogurt Icing”. I appreciate it. Have a lovely day! :)

  2. says

    Fae, thank you for sharing not only your wonderful recipes, but also for introducing us to some other talented bloggers as well! What a fantastic way to celebrate a new day with such a global roundup of delicious food. Thanks and happy Naw-Rúz!
    ~ Melissa

    • says

      Dear Peri, Welcome and thank you very much for looking me up! Yes, although an ancient celebration of first day of spring, Navroze was carried on to today’s New Year celebration by the Zoroastrians. Hugs, 😀

  3. says

    Happy New Year. Thank you for this amazing resource for food and information. Now I’m following a bunch of new blogs and will be able to make some great stuff! Thank you!

  4. says

    What a great initiative! So many blogs so many wondeful recipes. I’ll make sure to find some time during the weekend to go through all of them. Thank you, Fae!

    • says

      Hi Sindy, The fabulous thing about Naw-Ruz is, you don’t need to get invited. You just let your friends know that you want to visit them for Naw-Ruz. Before telephones, people just showed up. And then, friends reciprocate your visit. Every home is ready with a table of sweets, nuts, fruits, flowers and tea brewing waiting for you. 😀 ))) Hugs,

  5. says

    Fae, this is such a beautiful post with so much information and such a great resource with the links to all of the awesome bloggers who are participating! Thanks for all of this and Happy Naw-Ruz to you!

    • says

      I am so pleased that you enjoyed your exploration, Margherita. The recipes picked by the lady bloggers are truly outstanding. I wouldn’t be able to post much for the next few weeks, but I will post some more Persian recipes in the next few months. Naw-Ruz is very special to us, especially being far from our motherland, which we have nostalgic memories of.

  6. says

    This is a beautiful round-up Fae!! Such stunning dishes, I am drooling over that Iranian baklava. Ah… during times like these, I wish I could eat through the screen! Happy New Year to you and yours. I can’t wait to click through some of those recipe links xx

  7. says

    Happy Naw-Ruz & New Year. This looks like a beautiful and INCREDIBLY delicious festival, dear Fae. Have a wonderful weekend, and thank you for sharing! :-) Abba is in CA twice this month, once in Palo Alto and once in San Francisco. Do you have any restaurant recommendations for great Persian food (our favorite!)?

    • says

      Darling Shanna, Thank you very much for all the lovely comments. The rain has stopped and we are having a great warm weather now. The two restaurants I recommend are Maykadeh in SF and Shalizar in Belmont (not too far from PA). We do travel extra miles if it is to either of these restaurants. xx 😀

    • says

      Thank you, Suzanne.
      -You may know about some of the sweets/foods posted, but I am certain that you will find some new recipes which delight you.
      -Yes, not only do many countries celebrate Naw-Ruz as their calendar new year, but for instance, Naw-Ruz is a big religious Holy Day for the Baha’is (my Faith), which is practiced by the natives of over 200 countries in the world. It is quite unique. For Persian/Iranian-Baha’is, it has twice the significance.

  8. says

    I appreciate your roundup…so many new blogs and great food for me to explore. Thanks for taking the time to put this together, Fae.

  9. says

    Fae – I truly enjoyed reading your post and exploring your blog – what an interesting story you have! :) And gosh I haven’t seen nan panjerehi in decades!!! What memories this brings back. Thank you for sharing :)


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